Engineering Jobs and A Outline of Each Essay

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Civil Engineering:
Civil engineering is primarily concerned mainly with the planning and construction of different facilities (bridges, highways, buildings, dams, railroads, etc.)
Civil engineering in Islam was mainly concerned with irrigation and water supply. Four different types of irrigation were developed by Muslims, which are Basin irrigation, perennial irrigation, Terrace irrigation and Wadi irrigation

Computer Engineering: Computer engineering deals with the computers (digital gear). It covers the design, usage and theory of computer hardware (application) and software (information Processing techniques).
One of the famous Muslim computer engineer is, Lotfi Asker Zadeh, an Iranian scientist and the founder of fuzzy logic and …show more content…

As through the economy and trades established by Muslims there was a transmission of different crops and farming methods from different regions outside the Islamic world.
Architectural Engineering:
Structural: concerned with building structure and disturbing the load transferred in the building.
Mechanical systems: control the temperature and climate inside the building, taking into consideration the air quality and humidity (HVAC)
Electrical and lighting systems: to design the circuits and paths of utilities and power inside the building envelop
Construction and management engineering: the responsibility of the engineer that the quality, cost and schedule meets the project plans

Muslims had a great influence on architecture and have many inventions in this field, for example: Arabesque: which is an application of repeated geometrical forms founding in decorating walls. Also the Minaret, which is a distinctive architectural feature of the Islamic civilization, more specifically, the mosque.
One of the most famous Muslim architects is Mimar Sinan, whom is Turkish. He is the head ottoman architect and also was a civil engineer. He was accountable for constructing more then 300 different buildings.
Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineering:
There are three major

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