England's Rose

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Princess Diana at the time of her death was arguably the world’s most renowned celebrity. Privately, Diana felt she was just an ordinary person; however, she was much more. She was known to be an advocate for the helpless and the hopeless. Diana’s influence was felt worldwide through her vast humanitarian activities, which consisted of working with and starting many charities. Diana used her royal title and her celebrity to raise awareness about many forgotten or overlooked causes. As a result of her worldwide travels, Diana became the people’s princess and the public was intrigued with her devotion, consideration, and graciousness. Diana’s wide and profound influence is seen in how popular Elton John’s tribute song “Candle in the …show more content…
John’s audience might recognize the Royal Family and the paparazzi as the wind that blew against Diana’s candle and ultimately snuffed it out. John continues to use picture words in the chorus to symbolize the struggles Diana faced. In line 12, “when the rain set in” allows the audience to picture her hard times. Still, Diana was a resilient woman, and her grieving audience would realize that she persevered over many obstacles in her life. She married at the age of 19, and anyone’s marriage is difficult by itself. Add to the fact that she was thrust onto the world stage when she married into the Royal Family made it that much harder. John’s lyrics suggest that Diana remained positive and rarely let the dark times get her public persona down. Next, John uses the image “your candle’s burned out long before” (line 15, 31, 47),and the audience is able to picture a candle snuffed out before it had completely burned. This shows that Diana died early. However, John does not want to leave his audience with the idea that Diana lived a short life and then died in vain. John’s powerful repetition of “your legend never will” (line 16, 32, 48) shows that Diana did not die in vain. John’s lyrics fill his audience with hope by reminding them that Diana’s life will be remembered and that she did as much in death as she did in life. The emotions conveyed in Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind” showed his

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