My Determination In English 1301

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A successful English 1301 student is not just one who has passing grades, but one who does all their task wisely.When i first started English comp 1301 i thought i was going to breeze through it without a problem,but i was wrong. The class proved to be a challenge that required a great deal from me. It required time-management, determination, flexibility, focus, priorities, communication and engagement. Although I did great at demonstrating some of the traits, there were some that i did not excel at, and for that I paid the price.
Determination is defined as firmness of purpose. In order to complete any task no, matter how miniscule, you must have the determination to do see it all the way through. In 1301, determination is going to be a major factor as to whether you get your work done or not. You must be determined to take on any assignment thrown your way. You must also be determined to do the best that you can do, both physically and mentally. Determination is a key characteristic for students to excelling in 1301.
My determination in English 1301 was not the best. I was determined to do all my work to obtain a superb grade, but I would almost always start slacking when i was nearly or halfway done. For example, on my second essay that I was assigned, I started off strong, but halfway strong I just didn’t give it my all. My lack of determination, as well as many other reasons, caused me to fail that essay. My determination helped me to achieve much in this class, but

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