English As Second Law Essay

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The No Child Left Behind law lampooned requiring all children to score above average on standardized tests. The law requires students who are not proficient in English to attain passing scores on English-language tests. The numbers of English as Second Language (ESL) students in the United States (US) are increasing, which could present a number of issues for colleges and universities. In the US, many students speak a second language. However, these students speak English first and their native language second because they were born in the US. They speak their native language with their families at home because their families are not fluent in English. According to Robinson (2012), ninety-three percent of schools …show more content…

Idiomatic terms such as "ball and chain" (to indicate a married partner) and "straight from the horse's mouth" may not be familiar to many ELL test-takers, causing them to choose wrong answers (ACT, 2016). Measurement experts believe that no one test is good enough to serve as the sole or primary basis for any of these important educational decisions. For example, students may be discouraged from promoting knowledge, skills, and habits needed for success in college or causing little learning progress. Measurements of assessment based on student performance related to real learning tasks is more useful and accurate for measuring achievement (Robison, 2012) -- and provides more information for teaching -- than norm-referenced tests. A university admission typically looks at two things for admissions: GPA and SAT/ACT scores- which can really affect the ELL student applying mainly because of the lower reading and vocabulary contact (University Research Services, 2015)
Norm-referenced tests compare students to national norms to rank test-takers (ACT, 2016). Many students could be placed in gifted classrooms, but they are denied because they do not score a certain average on the norm-referenced test. Many mistakes could be made by relying on test scores to make educational decisions. This study will examine the review of literature related to the impact of norm-referenced

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