English Is Never Been My Strong Suit

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English has never been my strong suit. Ever since elementary school, I found it hard to fully grasp the grammatical structure and concept of the English language. It was worse through middle and high school, where things got all the more complicated and I learned how to write personal, analytical, and argumentative essays. This not only forced me to rack my brain for strong thesis statements, but to also think deeply and profoundly about a variety of subjects and topics. Eventually, through my struggles I saw my writing skills slowly improve throughout the years but even so, I realized that this skill is one where you have to constantly work and improve on because it’s an essential skill to have and will benefit us later on in life. For example, even though I’m a Biology major, English is a requirement I need in order to graduate and surprisingly enough my English class is filled with a diverse group of students in other majors as well, such as criminal justice, engineering, and business.
Through all my experience with writing, I found that I’m pretty decent in research and argumentative type of essays. I’m also good with lab reports. When I have the data and facts I find it easier to put together a paper than with writing personal and analytical papers. With personal and analytical type of essays, I tend to overthink and also end up getting writer’s block. Because of this I find it a little difficult to collect my ideas and turn it into a well structure paper that clearly

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