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Schools in the United States of America (USA) are facing many challenges, because of the increasing numbers of the English Language Learner (ELL) students. School administrators are trying hard to provide an equal opportunity education to their students. Furthermore, educators are looking forward in providing several methods and technique to help their students to succeed in their academic learning skills. There are many factors that need to focus on and it can be the fundamental when trying to build powerful resolutions, such as parents and community resources, social influences, native language, etc.
ELL Families and Schools
Teaching is a call, where teachers need to have an understanding about each individual student’s cultural …show more content…

By allowing the ELL students to use their native and their second language in reading, and writing it will make them move along this new process. Reading and writing experience should be context related and meaningful in order for them to be effective in their learning, even though, they can transfer the literacy skills that they have obtained in their native language towards their second language while they are exposed to more learning experiences.
Many challenges are faced by the ELL students and their families by being in a new environment, such as a new language, school, food, beliefs, life style, etc., where they feel that they need to deviate from their home language and their culture, absolutely not, they need to be conceited, revered, treasured. In this matter, our role as educators is to be prepared to work effectively with families (Katz & Bauch, n.d., p. 189), in providing the effective support, and assistant with the full understanding of the new changes in their new environments. On the other hand, social cultural pressure could be increased if students do not have another native individual to relate to; students need to have a teacher who will assist and guide them in learning new a language; without allowing them to lose their cultural identity.
Fund of Knowledge for Teaching (FKT) created for teachers, anthropologists, and teacher educators to gain more knowledge about their students’ community experiences, and curricula

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