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English unit 4 17. Write answers in paragraphs in response to two of the following questions. Each answer should be approximately 200 words. Support your answer with specific references to Still Stands the House. Organize your ideas to express them clearly and coherently. a) The house is a dominant symbol that looms over Still Stands the House as if it were a character itself. What does the house symbolize? Support your answer with two references to the play. b) This play has several strong themes. Identify one of them. How does the symbol of the house contribute to the theme? Support your answer with two references to the play. c) Identify one character trait of Hester or Ruth. How has the playwright used dialogue effectively to…show more content…
Hester got what she wanted, the house to herself to keep her father’s memory alive. 18. Write an essay describing three ways in which Jinch Malrex is similar to The Farm Show and the theatre group to which Miles belongs. Use examples from the article, from the information in this lesson, or from The Drawer Boy to illustrate and support your comparison. Organize your essay this way: * Introductory Paragraph. * Three paragraphs-each paragraph explains and supports one point of similarity. * Concluding Paragraph. In The Drawer Boy, Miles tells a couple of farmers that he wants to do a play based on farming in Ontario. He asks if he can observe their work and make notes to give his play some realistic views. He explained that his play was going to be called The Farm Show. From the article that I read, it talked about a play called Jinch Malrex. This play is also based in Ontario, more specifically Toronto. The similarities between the two plays aren’t as noticeable when you look at them from the outside, but if you get down to the process of how the play was made, you understand a little more about how they are similar. Three ways that The Farm Show and Jinch Malrex are similar is in the process of how the play was created, the message the plays are trying to create, and the locations of where they take place. In the process of how the play was made for both Jinch Malrex and The Farm show, research was done. The Farm show was

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