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Spanish-Excursion Paper

November 8, 2013
Excursion Paper

My tour around El Museo Del Barrio in Harlem, New York was a very memorable visit and I got in touch with my Spanish ancestors. There was mix of positive and negative Spanish history but none the less a very knowledgeable trip. One part of Hispanic culture that I feel is at the top of importance is the reign of Fidel Castro. To live under his rule must of have been terrifying and a childhood testimony of it is a in depth view of the dictatorship. The author of a piece of art whose name is Bernardo Navarro
Tomas. He made 3 paintings of fidel castro. The first one was a picture of four images of fidel castro and he is speaking through microphones. The next
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He was not a type of artist to hesitate the reality of showing what goes on in his land. From paintings of drug use to relieve stress of an evil dictatorship. Another painting of leaving the motherland can really make you feel the stress of living in cuba at La Marina. At the museum there was this robe, that looked like a Ku-Klux-Klan robe and it was purchased from upstate New York. The people who bought it was a group of undocumented workers in Chinatown.
Something that I found symbolically important was that the number of stitches in the robe was the number of undocumented workers which is 500,000. Ignacio Gonzalez Lang was the artist of this robe and even though he was not there, the tour guide made an interesting point. He told us to take a good look at the robe and see what it reminded us of. It took a while but it came to me eventually. The robe looked like the pope or a cardinal’s robe. The tour guide also made another resemblance which was a samurai warrior. It was a little mind-boggling that all three had the same robe. Another painting that caught my eye was a series of 50 mug shots of perpetrators that were drawn. Ignacio felt some type of way due to the fact that the witness’s verbal testimony could be wrong especially if it is drawn on paper.
The drawings could potentially ruin someone’s life especially since it’s obvious that most of these men were hispanic looking. In

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