Symbolism in the Movie 'Up'

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Symbolism in UP
The house is where Carl and Ellie first met each other as kids, where they chose to spend the rest of their lives together and turned it into the home of their dreams. As the movie gets going Carl 's house symbolizes his connection with Ellie and how he is holding on to her memory by staying with the house, even if it’s inconvenient or unnecessary. Carl isolates himself from the rest of the world and his house seems a refuge from everyone and everything that want something from him.
At first, the house just sits there, resisting everything that wants it gone. Representing Carl and how he does not want to budge, how he’s determined to accomplish what Ellie always dreamed of , just like a house’s job is to stand
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Kevin is a parent and as we learn early on in the film, Carl and Ellie never had kids and Russel doesn’t have much of a father; symbolising the parenthood Carl never got a chance to give and Russel never had, as we learn that his father was never there for him. Kevin somewhat adopts Russel, giving him security and care, proving that a wild bird does a better parenting job than his actual parents do. Also, the fact that Ellie lost a child must resonate somewhere inside Carl because he makes sure that Kevin is reunited with her children.
Scenes where shown:
When she lifts Russel onto her back and plays with him- The fun of having a friend and Russel’s desire to be cared for.
Injured- How life is delicate and even the smartest and quickest can still be hurt. It also symbolises karma; how because Russel treated Kevin with care and love, Kevin selflessly chose to save them from Muntz
Kevin giving away her position by squawking- Naivety and innocence. The trust that people wouldn’t harm her and there’s nothing to worry about is soon re-evaluated whilst being chased by dogs.
Caught in the net- Greed- As the lights from the Spirit of Adventure beam down on the helpless, trapped animal, it represents how greedy humans can be and how they will harm other living creatures to get what they want.

The Badge:
The Grape Soda badge starts off as a symbol of Carl and Ellie’s
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