English Poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Life has many ups and downs; all of which form obstacles that shape us into what we’re destined to be. For instance, the prestigious an eminent English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning firsthand experienced this. For example she faced illness, wrong and right in both political and religious views, most of all infatuation for another. As a result, of the occurrences faced she had real context towards her literary work. The prosperous woman was never acquainted with poverty. Since the beginning she was born into a prestigious home eldest of 12 children. Wealth based on the hard work and sweat of slaves on her father's sugar plantation. All of which contradicted with the statement “freely, as men strive for Right”(line 7). The capitalized “R” in right indicated the amount of significance and her strong beliefs opposing slavery. In addition, taking into consideration that Elizabeth was homeschooled “she was something of a child prodigy” (Kim 86) even so. Furthermore, she kept her “childhood’s faith” even with her “lost saints” (line 10-12). With in regards to Elizabeth’s sufferings her favorite brother Edward’s tragic drowning sending her into a dark abyss as a result. Therefore, she …show more content…

For she had praised him in one of her poems. Thus, was the start of their written love. 574 letters were written and were transacted back and forth. Robert being the first whom transferred “his love for her poetry into love for her” (Evans 88) reached out to share his confession through a letter. It has been said actions speak louder than words, however, this was not one of those cases. For example, in “Sonnet 43” Elizabeth continually used the phrase “I love thee” the intense immensity of her infatuation could not alone be read but be felt, some were even touched. Furthermore, her love was “to the depth and breadth and height” in short to infinity and beyond was the amount her love for Robert

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