English Preliminary Speech : My Name Is Tom Hanaee

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English Preliminary Speech T: Good Morning. Welcome to the English Teachers Association Annual Conference. My name is Tom Hanaee, C: And I am Christian Damiano. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. T: Now this quote may seem random and out of place, but it in fact reflects the entire purpose and conceptual focus of today’s presentation. This seminar revolves around the exploration of meaning and purpose in an individual’s life, specifically as a response to the Aristotelian quote ‘Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.’ This quote that mimics the credence of the Jesuit existentialist Gerard Manley Hopkins and partially contrasts the absurdist views of French author Albert Camus. C: …show more content…

T: Meursault’s inability to connect with others and to conform in this supposed ‘societal happiness’ leads him to be branded as an ‘Outsider’ and condemns him to an implied execution at the climax of the novel. His death is not one governed by his murdering of another man, but rather due to his inability to meet the behavioural standards deemed acceptable by the jury judging him. C: Camus believes that the ‘pursuit of inexplicable happiness’ is a series of extremely high and fragile expectations that are clung to in desperation for fear of losing this desire. Camus represents this negative connotation of ‘happiness’ in the over-zealous and desperate attempts of both the examining magistrate, and chaplain to convert Meursault to Christianity, during the process of his trial and in the hours leading to his death, a construct that Meursault and Camus view as pointless. T: The chaplain provides the clearest example of this desperate and detrimental attempt at finding meaning and happiness in religious structures in the line, ‘He (the chaplain), thought it would be unbearable for anyone to live with such a belief… he then questioned me again; his voice anxious

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