English Test in Case You Want to Study Abroad

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Studying abroad is currently attracting students all over the world, and it seems to be extremely interesting, but also it could be complicated and full of challenges. One of these challenges is the foreign language, and English is not an exception. Here in the USA it is not easy to start your study since students have to pass a language test which has been made to assess the students' skills in English. Clear examples of these tests are Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB). Several people believe that having types of language tests gives students the opportunity to choose which test is more comfortable for them; however, the multiplicity of test types starts to be a serious issue with the increasing number of international students and the variance in the admission system of the schools. Several issues are indeed critical problems and should be discussed and resolved.
Although it could be true that language tests examine skills such as writing, speaking, listening, and reading, it is also fair to debate that several tests assess contrastingly one skill more than the others. For example, the MELAB has a speaking section, but that section is an option for students, and often unrequired; thus, passing the MELAB test does not mean that one can use English properly since his or her speaking skill has not been tested. In this case, missing a speaking section

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