English Vs. English Language

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The English language recently became the first ever language to have over one million different words. This is an interesting, but otherwise unimportant accomplishment since it is unlikely the vast majority of those words are used in everyday language by the average English speaker. But, it does show the amazing variety that the English language is capable of expressing. Despite this incredible variety, only the words that are considered proper are taught at schools. This is known as Standard American English or SAE. While it may sound limiting to only teach a small portion of the language, it is actually extremely beneficial to society at large. English is a very unique language due to the ease with which new words can be made by cobbling together old Latin and Greek roots to make strange, but sensical words. However, these new words and phrases are often rejected by society at large. If the majority of the speakers of a language reject a word, then is it still part of that language? Or is it a different dialect or an entirely new language. This is a problem that English has faced since around its creation in the sixth century CE. Determining what is real English has become increasingly difficult due to its wide spread around the world and the consequence of many new dialects. However, there is a set structure for English that is usually taught called academic English or Standard American English. SAE can be defined in many different ways; it is the form of English that

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