Enrique: A Short Story

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Enrique was busy at the farm. He was doing chores, mowing lawn and taking care of the children. He thought he needed more help, so he hired a maid to help him and his wife around the busy house. They weren’t like the typical family they were over privileged and wealthy. He sold a ton of corn and loved it. The night went on and while him and his wife were sleeping he heard a noise. He went down to check it out but couldn’t see anything. He kept looking around more and more, but still couldn’t see a single thing out of place. His wife heard him scurry down stairs and had no idea what was happening. He checked every nook and cranny around the house including the basement. When he came back upstairs he notice the chandelier was swinging. That …show more content…

SMACK! Enrique and Maria woke up to a loud noise and a scream. Enrique quickly grabbed his knife he hides under his bed and ran to see what happened, but then the power went out. He started to walk towards the basement to get the power back up and running, but he tripped down the stairs and found himself in a sticky liquid but he could not see. He continued to the kitchen and found a flashlight. He could finally see and heard footsteps by the stairs. He turned quick and shined the flashlight on where the noise came from and he saw the worst thing anyone could see. Blood in a pool around his child. He started to cry and called the police department but the phone cable was cut. He sprinted up the stairs to try the phone in his room, and heard another scream. It was one which sounded like his wife. His flashlight ran out of power so he went up the stairs without light, using his ears to guide him. Weird. No sound, its way too quiet. He opens the door to his room and trips over something cold. Deathly cold. He turns and sees his wife covered in blood and dead. Shoot he has to get his last child out of the house and leave. He looks for the other child who is nowhere to be seen, so he runs down stairs. When he gets to the bottom he hears laughing of someone really familiar. He looks up and sees the chandelier about ready to fall and next to it is the person giving out the familiar laugh. Then it locks in. The last person he saw was the maid. Then the chandelier

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