Enrique Mentado Sosa 's Candidacy For An Ra Position For 2017-2018 Essay

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With enthusiasm I write on behalf of Enrique Mentado-Sosa’s candidacy for an RA position for 2017-2018. Insightful, rigorous, deep, self-motivated, resourceful, team focused, and sensitive to the needs of others are images which come to mind when I think of Enrique. I also think of the phrase, still waters run deep. Never the first to speak nor seeking a spotlight, some might overlook and underestimate Enrique; that would be a mistake! I have known him going on two years as a student in my honors seminar, Personal Leadership Development: Lessons from South Africa and as a loyal and engaged member of the Honors Student Association which I advise. I see Enrique well suited for this position due to the experience he obtained volunteering with many diverse individuals in the past, as well as through his current position as a chemistry tutor through the LARC. From volunteering and working with individuals of different backgrounds, his “people skills” and his ability to work in a group have vastly improved, enabling him to make a strong contribution to the “team” of RAs to which he is assigned.
A sophomore Cell and Molecular Biology major, Enrique holds a 3.75 (summa cum laude) grade point average entitling him being named to the Dean’s Lists of both the College of Arts & Sciences (minimum 3.6) and the Honors College (minimum 3.75). As further testament to his scholastic potential, Enrique received a Board of Governor’s Scholarship, and an Office of Multicultural Affairs

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