Enron And The Enron Scandal

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Enron was a corporation located in Houston, Texas and in just fifteen years the US energy trading and utilities company grew to become one of America’s largest and more successful cooperation’s. Enron suffered a major fall. After being one of the most successful corporations Enron became the biggest company to file bankruptcy in history. In this research paper it will discuss about the history of Enron, the fraud committed and who is to blame. The historical development of white collar crime in the Enron Corporation was committed for financial gain. The Enron scandal is an example of a continuing trend of falsifying data in the history of white collar crime.

Falsifying data has been a problem that has been happening for a long
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Enron became the largest seller of natural gas in America. In August 2000 Enron stocks reach almost $91 a share. As reported by Li, its annual revenues rose from about $9 billion in 1995 to over $100 billion in 2000 (2010, p.37). It has been more than a decade ago since the Enron scandal in Houston, TX. Enron was also known for one of the largest fraud scandals in American history. After so many years of power and successful deals and contracts, the company suffered a collapse and the company suffered rapidly. Both Lay and Skilling were headquartered in and also head in the entire fraud, scam and scandal of the Enron Corporation was best known for.
Even though records show executives of the company made hundreds of millions of dollars and was going in the right track the successful corporation collapsed, and cost investors as much as seventy billion dollars its shares trading for about $90 each. Furthermore, Lay was convincing his employees to hold on to their stocks and purchase even more. Meanwhile, executives were selling their stocks. Enron executives learned that they faced a major problem for hiding and allowing inflating, the offshore and loose of the company to happen.
Enron executives also attempted to hide the debt with the help of the US Security and Exchange Commission but were unsuccessful. Enron’s investors had no idea of the fraudulent activities occurring in their
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