Enterprise Security Plan Cmgt/430

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Enterprise Security Plan CMGT/430 Enterprise Security Plan This Enterprise Security Plan (ESP) for Riordan Manufacturing employees the levels of security required to protect the network and resources utilized to communicate. It is intended purpose is to formulate a means to counterattack against security risk from potential threat. The ESP servers as a way to identify risks and to ensure a contingency plan is in place to protect the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the Riordan organization's information technology (IT) system. The ESP benefits all employees however it is most beneficial to information resource managers, computer security officials, and administrators as it is a good tool to use for establishing…show more content…
Maintaining equipment is vital to operations as well as personal safety; therefore, routine equipment checks and maintenance is imperative to the continued operation and functionality of the over-all system. Riordan has no policy directing internal inspections and maintenance strategy. Inspections and maintenance need weekly completion to evaluate system operations. An inspection may give early warning to system failure avoiding costly corporate down time. Network Security Risk Mitigation Strategy • Malware Anti-Malware Software, Intrusion Detection Prevention (IDP) • Spyware Anti-Spyware Software, Intrusion Detection Prevention (IDP) • Trojans Antivirus Software, Intrusion Detection Prevention (IDP) • Viruses Antivirus Software, Intrusion Detection Prevention (IDP) • Hackers Firewalls, Anti-Hacking Software, Remote Access Control • Denial of Service Attacks Firewall and Router Filtering • Careless Employees Security Training, Policy, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Database Security Why is it so important to have security for an organizations database? One reason will be to secure the organizations personal and confidentiality data information. Oracle has a database security software that enables a regulatory compliance for both oracle and non-oracle databases. Oracle has a powerful and a preventative detective security controls that will include database

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