Entrepreneurs Vs. The Millennials

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Businesses vs. the Millennials The millennial generation has become known as the most technologically able group based on their connectivity with the digital world. This causes businesses to take different approaches on marketing to them. Millennials cannot be marketed the same way other generations could due to how differently they perceive technology. Millennials also have a different perception of marketing, wanting to be involved in the process of a product. Theorists including Michael Serazio, Don Tapscott, and Katherine Taken Smith believe millennials are changing the way products are made because of their involvement. However, there are others such as Trebor Scholz and Tiziana Terranova who believe that this is an example of free labor in the digital world. As a result, Businesses in the commercial market must understand who millennials are and how important interaction is to them in order to keep them as customers. DIGITAL MILLENNIALS VS. OTHER GENERATIONS One of the biggest characteristics of the millennial generation is their perception of technology verses the generation of their parents. Michael Serazio (2013) and Don Tapscott (2009) talk about this difference explaining why it should matter to businesses. The net geners, as referred to by Michael Serazio, are more welcoming with technology than their parents who are more likely to be weary. When they are involved with it, they become more connected to other people and groups including businesses (2013). This

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