Environmental Conservation : The Destruction Of The Environment

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The destruction of the environment dates back to before human time. However, this was never a problem because it was done in moderation. Around 1950, mass deforestation began in many regions of the world. Since then, the amount of deforestation that occurs is increasing at an alarming rate. It was not until the early 2000s that the annual rate of deforestation started to decline, and it did at a large rate. The damage had already been done, clearing an area of land the size of France. The deforestation that had been done helped the local people of that area bring in a great source of income. One thing that may have not been on their mind at the time was the impact that mass deforestation may have on the future generations. Everyone is well aware that wants are unlimited, but resources are scare. Scare resources can lead to rash and drastic decision making. With each passing day, we have less resources at our disposal, but we are coming closer to finding potential alternatives to energy sources. Michael P. Nelson talks about the future generation argument, which I believe is the strongest of his arguments when it comes to wilderness preservation. Wildernesses have many different assets to offer that are not only good for humans financially, but also mentally and physically. Depriving future generations of these assets would a cruel and unfair thing to do. Michael P. Nelson writes on 30 different arguments of why we should preserve the wildernesses around the world. Some of

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