Environmental Effects Of Plastic Pollution

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Plastic pollution is all over this world. People purchase plastic almost everyday, even if someone does not realize they are purchasing this synthetic product, most of the time the item’s packaging is made of plastic. Even cleaning products and clothes contain plastic. When plastic was man-made the only thought was the benefits it can create, the deficits were not thought of. Humans and animals are being physically harmed by hazardous chemicals inside plastic and sadly, fifty percent of plastic is hazardous. The environment as well is being affected with pollution because of the amount of resources that are taken and used. Many authors have researched the effects of the plastic we use daily. ZHigui He’s article “Pollution characteristics and health risk assessment of volatile organic compounds emitted from different plastic solid waste recycling workshops” researches the various volatile compounds found in different recycling shops that lead to health risks. Charles Talsness’ article is explaining the health risks of the components found in plastic on humans and animals. Along with the article written by Chelsea Rochman, assistant professor, that classifies plastic waste as hazardous as well and W.C. Li’s article focuses on the effects of the plastic waste in the marine environment. All the while, Robert LeBlanc has found many statistics on all negative aspects inside his article “Plastic Recycling Facts and Figures”. All of these articles connect in the agreement of plastic

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