Biological Macromolecule Polyhydroxybutyrate ( Phb )

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The important biological macromolecule polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) producing Bacillus subtilis was isolated from the sewage sample and identified by means of 16S rRNA analysis. The renewable nature and biodegradability of PHBs make them suitable materials to replace synthetic plastics in many applications. Currently their production is expensive, but these plastics are only in their first stage of commercial development. In the present study the physico-chemical parameters such as Time, Temperature and pH were optimized for increased production of PHB. It was found that maximum production of PHB was observed at 48th hour (328µg/ml) of incubation time, temperature 370C (336µg/ml), pH 7.5 (362 µg/ml). The low cost production media was developed using fruit peel extract and sugarcane industrial waste. The amount of PHB produced using low cost production media in fruit peel (234µg/ml) and industrial waste (218µg/ml). The PHB was characterized using FTIR and NMR analysis.
Keywords: polyhydroxybutyrate, Bacillus subtilis, optimization, INTRODUCTION The human population has led to the accumulation of huge amounts of non-degradable waste materials across our planet. The problem of environmental pollution was caused by indiscriminate dumping of plastic waste has assumed global proportions. They are used in almost all industries, especially for packaging and they account for more than 50% of total consumption, especially they are used for bottling and baling. They
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