Environmental Impact Of Personal Lifestyle Essay

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Environmental Impact of Personal Lifestyle: Behavior # 1 A major lifestyle behavior of mine that effects the environment is the over usage of water. Water waste is a problem for many people in their households. We can start conserving in our homes which most of our water is wasted daily and we do not pay attention to it. Water is used for daily activities such as taking a shower, brushing teeth, washing the dishes, etc. My personal problem is over usage in the shower, I like to take at least a 30 minute shower. Another major problem is when I let the water run when I am brushing my teeth. Environmental Impact of Personal Lifestyle: Behavior # 2 For many years I have contributed to biodegradables that end up in landfill sites. I have been continuously purchasing water bottles my whole life. Plastic is used almost everywhere, I have been using plastic bags when I go grocery shopping and I have never tried to get reusable bags. Environmental Impact of Personal Lifestyle: Behavior # 3 Commuting is also one of the many problems that contribute to environmental pollution. Every day I commute to work and school, I add more greenhouse gases into the environment. Air pollution is a major problem and cars are a big cause of it. My commute is not that far it is about 20 miles from Glendale to Northridge, but this accumulates over time and can be harmful for our air quality. Long-Term Environmental Consequences: Behavior # 1 There are many proven disadvantages by wasting water.

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