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Environmental problems are something which belongs to nature or known as “Mother Earth” [13]. Nature was created to help people survive from gathering foods until build a house. This phenomenon happens continuously without thinking how much damage that nature has because human’s fault. Nature gradually becomes worse and animal’s life in danger. People who are aware of the importance of nature react. Those people do several ways to save the environment. Although these efforts can return back the environment, these efforts only can be hold temporarily. This problem happens because those people who are aware of the environment only slightly; for remaining, there are people either do not know or do not care about the nature. People’s efforts …show more content…

Air pollution levels have a large existence in big cities in Indonesia like Jakarta, Bandung, and so on. This problem happens because the number of motor vehicle use that is not limited [1]. Exhaust smog are the cause of air pollution which has the dangerous effects for people’s health. Exhaust smog is a result of burning fuel oil every motor vehicle. There are two types of burning fuel oil: the first is complete burning [2] and incomplete burning [3]. These types of burning have the differentiation in producing the remainder. Complete burning produces carbon dioxide as a result of remaining while incomplete burning produces carbon monoxide as a result of the rest. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are gases that are harmful to people’s health and could decrease ozone layer [4] [5]. Exhaust smog is hazardous to people’s health. Exhaust smog is a result of burning fuel oil [6]. Consequently, exhaust smog has possibility to contain carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gas. These harmful gases affect human respiration. Carbon monoxide makes the respiratory system becomes worse. Carbon monoxide will interfere with the process of hemoglobin in breathing [7]. As a result, people will not only feel lack of oxygen but also often feel dizzy and weak. In the other hand, carbon dioxide causes dizziness and fatigue to the sufferer [8]. In the prevention and reduction of the impact of exhaust smog, the Indonesian government decided all motor vehicle users have to check

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