Environmental Issues Affecting The World's Oceans

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Ocean covers 71 percent of the world 's surface and holds 97 percent of the total water on Earth. For centuries, people have regarded it as an inexhaustible resource and a useful transport route. The ocean also plays a significant role in regulating the climate, the atmosphere, carbon cycling, and nutrition flow. However, environmental problems, particularly over the last few decades, have pushed the ocean to its limits. This essay will argue three major environmental issues impacting the world 's oceans by focusing on the present condition and phenomena of these problems, possible reasons or factors, and lastly, damage to the ocean environment.

Plastic threatens the diversity of marine life and affects the ocean 's ecological circulation. Plastic is a large part of ocean waste, and its proportions continue to grow. Under natural conditions, general plastic decomposition needs 50 to 70 years. However, some plastics take hundreds of years to decompose. Plastic floating in the ocean decomposes more quickly, but it still takes decades. Unfortunately, only one-third of produced plastic products are recycled and reused, and the remaining pieces fall into the ocean. The appearance of the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch shows that, with the movement of ocean currents, a large number of plastic pieces have gathered together in the ocean. This increase in plastic seriously threatens marine biodiversity. According to José G.B Derraik (2002), the main threat comes from animals…
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