Environmental Issues : The United States And Uruguay Essay

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Miriam Aburmaieleh
Professor Jason Keiber
Global Politics
28th October 2016
Environmental Issues: The United States and Uruguay
There are seven continents in the world made up of many powerful nations, big and small. These nations all have one thing in common, they struggle with the large consumption of our nonrenewable resources. Using these nonrenewable resources are harmful for the environment. Among these powerful nations is the United States. The United States is one of the biggest consumers of our nonrenewable resources. In this paper, I will provide an analysis of the United States’ consumption of resources. I will also compare the United States to Uruguay, a small yet more effective country when it comes to utilizing our renewable resources.
The United States is the largest consumer of nonrenewable resources in the world. In the United States the primary source of energy comes from 3 different resources. These resources are petroleum, natural gas and coal. The three of these resources make up over 90 percent of the energy consumption of nonrenewable resources in the United States. These nonrenewable resources are considered fossil fuels that are not costly when it comes to extracting them from the environment. Fossil fuels are a large contributor to the air pollution than any other resource.
Nonrenewable energy is energy that once used can not be replenished and used again. When burning fossil fuels this has proven to be bad for the environment. The resource coal is

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