Environmental Pollolution : The Future Of Pollution In The Future

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How pollution will affect our environment in the future is a question you rarely ever think of. Our environment is one of the most important factors of our lives and one of the thing we need to take care of the most. Our future depends on the environment, but if we can’t take care of our environment, will there even be a future?
Pollution is a manmade problem, we are the ones responsible for so many natural disasters. The chemicals and all different types of substances we spill into the ground start to become a big from for us in the long run. When these chemicals soak into the ground, air, and water, they all contribute to becoming a bigger part in pollution. These pollutants contain toxins that are destroying our ecosystems and all the living organisms living in them.
Not only is our future environment in danger, but the future of all the animals that contribute to it are in risk of extinction too. A report from “New Scientists” stated that pollution is one of the primary causes of the extinction of many different types of butterfly species in Great Britain. Although there is great threat to wildlife above water there is also great danger for those underwater. According to the Environment Protection Agency about one to eleven percent of all marine animals will fall into extinction every decade. Water pollution comes from runoff that is produced by agricultural and industrial companies.
Pollution in our water is more common then we think it is. Helping prevent it will

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