Persuasive Essay On Ocean Pollution

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Did you know that every year millions of wastes are dumped into the ocean? Ocean pollution has become an increasing issue throughout the years. Water is a necessity for everyone. The planet is made up of 70 percent water. People use water consistently in their everyday lives. There are so many ways water is used. Its needed to stay hydrated, during the summer it gets used for swimming and water sports. Its needed to wash almost everything; individuals use it to stay clean, cook, wash dishes, dogs, and cars, and so much more. So what happens when something so important becomes unavailable because it has been contaminated or has been polluted? Water now becomes dangerous, a threat to life. It’s no longer useful and valuable. Continue reading to learn when water pollution was realized as an issue. Also, how are other countries reducing the amount of pollution in the water. Have you ever wondered what effect polluted water has on the animal that call the deep blue sea its home? Finally, you will learn about the organizations that were created to protect our ocean from pollution. According to the national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in 1972, the Federal water pollution control act was created. It’s also known as the Clean Water Act. In 1936, there’s was a river that flowed from Ohio to Lake Erie. It became so polluted that for 30 years it became inflamed multiple times. It wasn’t until another major fire in 1969, that encourage news and magazines to cover the issue
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