Environmental Pollution And Its Effects On The Natural Environment

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At present, the number of construction waste has accounted for 30% to 40% of the total municipal solid waste. The vast majority of construction waste without any treatment, it was using open dumps or landfill processing manner, causing serious environmental pollution. According to Wang (2014) mixed waste Concrete as the most important part of the construction waste, by estimating the amount of waste in 2003, China has reached 180 million tons of concrete. It has caused a great negative environment impact. At the same time, concrete production requires a lot of sand and gravel aggregate, as natural Gravel continuous exploitation of natural aggregate resources will also become exhausted, in addition, the exploitation cost astonishing transportation fees and power , it will also cause ecological environment experienced a serious damage. However, Make full use of recycled aggregate concrete, not only can effectively reduce the amount of construction waste, but also reducing the damage of construction waste pollution to the natural environment, while taking advantage of waste aggregate manufacturing recycled aggregate concrete can reduce the exploitation of natural aggregate, reaching the aim of sustainable environment development. However, due to there are some technical limitation, the implementation of using recycled concrete cannot be popularized into the civil engineering. For example, on the performance of durability, frost-resistance, and water absorption existed…
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