The Environment And Environmental Pollution

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The environment molds plant and animal life, but over the past century humans have been able to alter the environment. This change caused problems to the earth pollution to the earth, air, and water sources. Pollution extends to the animals, vegetation, and humans as well. These damages are mostly irreversible, and continue at a rapid pace. Pesticides are a large factor in this pollution. The earth can adjust to these chemicals, but not fast enough. Every year 500 new synthetic chemicals are introduced. Continuing to use these chemicals can be harmful to the future generations. The public is not informed about the consequences of these chemicals, and must find out on their own. All humans will come in contact with these chemicals. Chemical residues are everywhere: water sources, soil, and humans. The production began during World War II, and is rapidly increasing. DDT, an organic phosphorus insecticide, once thought to be harmless and used to help with lice during WWII, is now known to be harmful. Other pesticides can cause harmful health problems. The body can naturally protect against these chemicals but repeated doses weaken the body. Though many of these chemicals have been banned in other countries because of the hazards the United States continue to have no restrictions. Water has become the most precious natural resource, but the water source is becoming heavily polluted. The water is affected indirectly, but the water continues to be contaminated. Drinking water

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