Environmentalism : The Rise Of Industrialization As Spread Across The World

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In the last century, environmentalism has become an important and highly polarizing topic of social discourse as the rise of industrialization as spread across the world. More and more human beings have become aware of their impact on the environment, yet even this seems to be up for debate. However, those who are concerned with environmental issues like global warming, the depletion of natural resources, and pollution have gained a more clear and organized voice to not only raise awareness, but enact both higher and lower level change. Within these movements, different religious institutions (churches, denominations, temples) have used drawn on their religious narratives to understand what “creation care” and stewardship truly mean. The Jewish tradition has emerged as one of the leading voices in the religious discourse in the topic of environmentalism. However, Judaism has and continues to wrestle with the issues of tradition, power, and authority to engage with environmentalism. Gerstenfeld (1999) described how the Jewish peoples geo-political and social power throughout history has informed its interaction and engagement with environmentalism. Due to the oppression, marginalization, and persecution of Jews, there has been little the Jewish people could due to inform policies and voice opinions on a global level. Gerstenfeld states that this mindset is ever present in the collective conscious of Jews around the world. However, with the state of pollution and the alarming

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