Environments, Causes And Dangers Of Forests Around The World

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Forests are home to about 80% of the world’s biodiversity and cover around 31% of Earth’s surface. The biodiversity that exists in all forests include; ecosystem diversity, genetic diversity, and species diversity. Each and every forest consists of many different habitats for animals, plants, and even insects. They also consist of different climates based on which type of forest it is. There are many different types of forests found all over the world but can be classified into 5 categories. The categories include; tropical rainforests, coniferous forests, deciduous forest, mediterranean forest, and mixed forests. The biodiversities in all these forests have learned to adapt to their surroundings and climates. That being said not every animal, plant, or insect found in one type of a forest can live and survive in any other. Forests supply the oxygen we need to survive on this planet, but forests around the world are threatened because of mankind. According to, 58 thousand square miles of forest are lost each year. That is equivalent to 48 football fields a minute. Every single day people are contributing to the loss of our habitats by buying, selling, and supporting the men and women in which cut down, pollute, and destroy our forests. Forests are the main reason why our species, humans, can live and survive on Earth so why are we ignoring the fact that WE are destroying them?
Tropical rainforests cover around 6% of the Earth’s surface, however they used

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