Epic Theatre Themes In The Ugly Noo And Tooth And Nail

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The plays that I will be discussing in this essay are, ‘The Ugly Noo Noo’ and ‘Tooth& Nail’ which are both plays that were written during what was declared as a ‘state of emergency’ in South Africa during the height of apartheid. the play ‘Tooth & Nail’ uses Epic Theatre themes. In the play the use of fragments other than the use of scenes makes you think about the unjust political situation at the time in an ambiguous way for it is not an organized thought process, leaving you as the reader or the audience feeling overwhelmed as to what actually was the problem is at the time. The second play,‘The Ugly Noo Noo’ mainly focuses more on Physical Theatre and alludes to the racial issues but through a more comedic style and not a more intense emotional …show more content…

From its episodic structure then to its use of repetition as well as the actor’s self-detachment to their characters and the role they play in some cases. Brecht was encouraging a critical approach because he wanted his audience to think, see and question as well as challenge the multiple social injustices that were prevalent and dominant. Brecht used theatre, through his dominant ideologies, as a medium in which he wrote plenty of theatre plays about what was going on around him during his time. This play also addresses the social injustices in different scenarios that exist within each fragment of the play, this fragmentation is the first element used within the play and it is a representation of an episodic structure which exists within the boundaries of the characteristics of epic theatre. When something is episodic it simply means it consists of a series of separate parts or events within the bounds of a narrative. The fragments in Tooth and Nail were placed juxtapose to the overall narrative and flow of the play which function in such a way that you can easily and randomly rearrange them in any order and they may still serve their function and serve their purpose and their set objective without jeopardizing the entire meaning and purpose of the

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