Epidemiology Is A Medical Science Discipline That Arranges

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Epidemiology is a medical science discipline that arranges the structure for studying the distribution and determinants of health, communicable disease, and circumstances related to health status. The epidemiology research help to understand in what means a person catch diseases, the changes, and how the disease affect the population. The nurses that work with these communities to help identify the onset of communicable diseases determine new victims, the patterns it spread, the causes or preventive methods are known as community or public health nursing (Maurer, Smith, 2013). The purpose of this paper is to explain on the concepts of a communicable disease “Chickenpox” with its own unique epidemiology and nursing research to this …show more content…

Once there is a dry scabs formation, the virus is unlikely to spread.
Chickenpox disease can cause serious complications on infants, adults, adolescents, pregnant women and those with weakened immune system like HIV/Aids or cancer patients, people with organ transplants, on chemotherapy, immunosuppressive medications or long-term use of steroids. Complications includes pneumonia, dehydration, sepsis, bleeding problems, children having bacterial infection like group A streptococcal on the skin and soft tissues, and death to unvaccinated person. If a pregnant woman is infected with Chickenpox at her first trimester, the diseases can cause rare congenital symptoms on the fetal which presents as congenital varicella syndrome, low birth weight, atrophy, neurological abnormalities, or scarring of the skin and eyes (Maurer & Smith 2013).
Chickenpox can best be prevented by given the dose of varicella vaccine to children, adolescents, adults and the herpes zoster vaccine for people age 60 and above (Maurer & Smith 2013). Generally, people who get the vaccine will not get chickenpox, however, if the vaccinated person get chickenpox, the symptoms is usually mild fever or no fever, fewer red spots or blisters.
The treatment of acute infection of chickenpox includes isolating the infected

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