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Epidemiology Paper Roshanda Dixon Grand Canyon University: NRS-427V March 27, 2015 Abstract According to the reading epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of the health related stated or events (WHO, 2013). The purpose of this study is to gain control of the disease and other major health issues. Tuberculosis is one of the most largest nationwide diseases that are spread throughout the continent. The description of the disease along with how it’s spread and the treatable facts will be listed. The roles of nursing are very important to know when dealing with a nationwide disease. Proper resources will also be applied in helping in how to reduce the diseases from spreading. Tuberculosis TB is…show more content…
Int5ernational travelers are victims as well with this disease because they are around different kinds of people that can may not be vaccinated nor treated properly. There are vaccinations called Bacille Calmette Gurin (BCG) it is used to prevent severe forms of TB in children but not recommended here in the United States because it has limited effectiveness for preventing TB overall. Last is pregnancy there are greater risk for a woman and the baby is not treated. The effects on the baby can be fatal which can cause low birth weight and even a low immune system (CDC, 2013).CDC is working on better screenings and treatments for people that are homeless. They are also studying to learn the socio cultural, racial and health system barriers (CDC, 2013). The main goals for the Center for Disease Control are to educate and enforce treatments regarding this disease. Social Determinants of Tuberculosis These are circumstances in which people are born, the way they live, grow up and work. The most important determinants TB include the socioeconomic inequalities, high levels of population mobility and growth in the community. The risk factors for TB play a role in community with poor ventilation, large crowds in the homes and workplaces. There’s also fear of lack of support within the community. Strengthening social protection and strengthen the communities could be an intervention along with social protection and financial support. Epidemiologic

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