Equal Employment Opportunity ( Eeo )

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Phase 3 – Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Critical Thinking Questions:

How will you ensure your company is an EEO Employer?

As with our student population, we at the Northwestern Academy believe our teachers and faculty should be as talented as possible. This is the reason that qualifications are the primary consideration when considering potential applicants for our faculty. Race, religion, sex and gender will not be factors in who is hired. However, diversity not only brings advantages in terms of educational benefits, but it also can spur a sense of creativity in the minds of our students and faculty. Because of this, we will provide clear information to our all of our candidates over a broad range of mediums to find many different types of candidates. Even though a portion of our professors come from Northwestern University, some will come from outside of the Northwestern system, and we require these candidates to be just as qualified as the ones that come from within the Northwestern system.

A point of differentiation between Northwestern Academy and other schools is that our professor turnover rate is slightly higher than the industry average (due to professors advancing in the world of academia). This will lead to a constantly changing faculty. The interview process will be the same for all applicants, and will thus help us make decisions primarily based on an applicant 's qualifications, and help us maintain a talent standard in terms of faculty. Examples of
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