Equal Pay Debate

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I agree that today’s youth are pursing reform for equal pay/equal rights for women, renewable energy, college tuition, and healthcare reform. Yes, equal pay is a tough topic, but it should not be and does not have to be. For instance, Johnny and Susy have identical credentials and the same job title yet Susy’s salary is twenty percent less than Johnny’s salary. Why should Susy receive less pay while she has the same credentials and job duties as Johnny? Salary should be based on skills alone and not based on gender. I believe the fair and right thing to do is to take gender out of the equation.
I agree we need more progress in renewable energy, college tuition and healthcare. I think that renewable energy should be on the minds of everyone and that we should all work together to accomplish it. I think that college tuition has skyrocketed in cost recently making the dream of a degree out of reach for some. I do not agree in free tuition, almost free tuition, or the government raising taxes and picking up the bill. If free or reduced tuition were offered, the money would need to come from somewhere. If the government raises taxes to cover tuition cost then the citizens would still be paying for it.
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My personal experience has shown me that premiums and medicines are not affordable under it so I cannot agree on that point. Not only is the $1,400 a month premiums outrageous, but then there is the ridiculous $13,000 yearly deductible before any expenses are covered. Before the health care act, being a self-pay patient would usually mean lower pricing but that is no longer the case. The self-pay cost at doctor’s offices and medicine prices have increased considerably. With each increase, I ask what the reason is and I am told it is because of the rising cost of the healthcare
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