: Equal Rights And Human Rights

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Equal rights are human rights. I set out to educate myself and others. It didn’t take long before my passion for equality grew strong. The sky was dark with the exception of a few street lamps. One building at the end of the strip was wrapped in white Christmas lights which illuminated the whole downtown mall on it’s own. The town was still. I could only hear the small chatter of my sister and her friends as well as the harsh swirling wind that was whistling in my ear. Sitting on the hard brick wall for what felt like hours, we were all interrupted by a shout in the distance. Ignoring the sudden bolt from the blue, the six of us continued our conversation. Then again. What sounded like a holler in distress ran through the air from the other side of the mall. This time we decided to investigate. Finding it difficult to keep up, I followed the rest of the group towards the enigma. We approached a woman who was probably in her thirties. Her brown skin was illuminating under the Christmas lights, and I remember thinking about how beautiful I thought she was. The veins from her neck were pulsing while she screamed with her finger in the air. Three older white men were standing in front of her. Dressed in black suits with matching red ties, they all looked incredibly posh. The tallest one, though, was the one that seemed to be making the woman angry. Laughter was bolting from his lips, and he stood in a way that made him look like he felt superior to her. I wanted to know what

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