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Compare and Contrast essay on equal rights
"This type of legal marriage must be forbidden because natural instinct revolts it as wrong"

Throughout the history of the United States, there has been a class system that tried to define the people who lived here. The people who started this system gave large rights to those who would benefit from it, while at the same time restrict those they deemed unworthy of such privilege. In the beginning this burden fell mainly on the slaves who built the nation, and the woman who maintained the families. This class of human was lower than the superior white male and therefore could not think freely for themselves. A result of this there was a barring of marriage between two different races. Now in …show more content…

It is an excuse that has been used to no avail in the past, and will prove to be inferior now as well. It goes by simple logic that if natural instinct found it wrong, then those people wouldn't feel so in love as to get married in the first place. But we find that as time passes, what the higher class said was an anomaly, is really a sizable part of the population. But that was never really the problem at all. It's all about the power they want to wield over those they feel are below them. The few who control the majority want to keep it that way, much like the masters controlling their slaves. "The law concerning marriage is to be construed and understood in relation to those persons only to whom that law relates and not a class of persons clearly not within the idea of legislation when contemplating the subject of marriage". This quote is from a Virginia judge which was hearing the challenge to the state's ban interracial marriage. This in a nutshell is how they perceive themselves and what they label as inferior classes of humans. Those with the power feel compelled to do things to try and control the masses for which they are supposed to look after. This quote also shows how they see a real difference between the elite and everyone else. This master-slave construct that has been built, has been modified throughout time. This

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