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Equal Rights
Abortion is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is not a decision that the mother should make on her on either. Abortion should be a mutual decision between both parents. It should only be the mother’s choice if the father is not willing to care for the baby. It takes both a man and woman to create a child; therefor it should take both a man and a woman to make the decision to abort their child. After all a child is no more the mother’s than it is the father’s. When a woman makes the decision to keep the child, she expects financial support and help raising the child from the child’s father; therefore, she should ask for the father’s opinion when it comes to abortion, because the father could want to raise the baby on …show more content…

Women may argue that it is their body and their decision, but if they were more careful with their body then they would not be in this position. The Father should have a say in abortion because it is his child too. Any decent parent who loves their children will fight for them. So a father should be able to fight for the right that his child exists. A mother can end a pregnancy on her own, or have a baby on her own. A father can do neither. Since they are both equal in creating this baby, why can’t they both have the same right to terminate the pregnancy? A father cannot single handedly decide to end a pregnancy, so the mother shouldn’t be able to either. The father is simply fighting for his right to raise a son or daughter. If a mother makes a decision to have a baby on her own, and the father is capable of providing, he is required to pay child support. If a father makes the decision to keep a baby and raise it own his own, than after the birth the mother, if capable, should have to pay child support as well. The father should however have to pay for all the mother’s medical bills and all of the things needed throughout the pregnancy such as vitamins, maternity clothes, and doctor visits. I think this is fair because the father does not have to go through what a mother does during pregnancy. I believe that if and only if the father is keeping the mother from aborting. Parents are equal and they should have

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