Equality and Inequality in the American Dream

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Not everyone in America has the money they need to get by, or to live how they want to. Americans of low class can’t compete against those of high class. While some people can achieve The American Dream, others struggle with just living. With the right mindset, anyone can achieve the dream. Like many others, I can see the difference in class, just from how people behave. Money and class affects how each person is treated as an individual, rather than who they are. Lower class Americans don’t usually have the advantages that those of higher class have. A man who shows up to a job interview in a suit and tie will have a better chance of getting the job rather than the man who only has a T-shirt and jeans to wear. Appearance plays a key factor in interviews even though it does not affect how well you do at the job itself. A wealthy man also knows how to carry himself in a way that makes him look upper class. “From how close to stand to people to which colors to wear, Sayles has developed a precise formula for how to mix confidently with the upper classes” (People Like Us: Social Class in America). A lower class citizen would not know all the things that are expected or someone of upper class. They could go to the self - help counselor, but only if they have at least $1,500 to spend on it. Wealthy people also tend to have connections to help get them what they want. They know, and are friends with, people in high position places that will help them land a better job if need be.

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