Equality in the Media Sector

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Gender - There cannot be any type of gender discrimination, of either sexes. everyone must be given an equal opportunity, this also goes towards race and religion. Sexual orientations may be explored, as it has a place in the modern world and need to be represented, especially towards the youth generation. As with race, any producers or designers should try and avoid stereotypical roles that may offend some viewers, such as a stereotypical housewife- unless this is necessary for a production, image within a website, ETC. Any legal restrictions that are not followed in the workplace, such as inappropriateness between colleagues, should be dealt with firmly, to avoid further complications such as resignations from a job or an important role. An example of this could be a colleague who is unethically/illegally harassing another colleague, without their consent, and this may make the other colleague feel uncomfortable. This may make the college feel that he/she does not want to pursue the job any longer. This creates further complications, such as more time spending looking for someone to replace that role. Religion - People have different beliefs and views, so respecting them is very important. Most models/actors/accesses/designers will try to be open minded whilst being interviewed for a role, but many religious restrictions may be unavoidable, E.G. a Muslim actress may have very strong beliefs about revealing herself too much in front of men. Producers should be as

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