Equality of Women in the Work Sector

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Historically, in many countries, women have been considered to belong to the lower and weaker section of society. In the Indian culture as well, there is ongoing discrimination against women and it is inclining day by day. The female section has to face a lot and different types of discrimination – at home, in schools, in colleges, while using public transport, and even at the workplace. In this article, my intention is to elaborate upon gender discrimination against women at the workplace.

There are a very few percentage of the women section who work in the urban areas like- offices, warehouses,boutiques,call-centers.Inspite helping the women sections the colleagues , managers and other employees trouble them at the peak. When a woman applies for a job and for god for bit she is pretty then she is told either in a direct manner or an indirect manner to keep a physical relationship with the head of the office or the manger of the office. They are literally tortured from starting till the end. In the interview stage also they are asked very personal questions which they do not like to answer but they are made to answer or they are blackmailed that the company or the office will not give them a job if the questions are not answered in a correct way. Sometimes in an interview mobile phones and the laptops of the women are checked so that they can take-out the personal information of the female. Mostly the women are hired because of their physical attributes and by their

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