Equivocation Analysis

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I liked Equivocation and how it was put on University of Alabama’s stage. Since I am a fan of William Shakespeare’s work, the witty comments and references really added to the storyline for me. This also helped me follow along and made a little easier to figure out when the actors were doing one of his works. I also liked how the director cut the piece and added more actors to help make the story flow better. I was a bit confused when reading it, since the actors would instantly change to one of Shakespeare’s characters instantly. It would take me a second to figure out what was going on and who was playing who. With the director adding more characters and having characters like Shagspeare, Judith, and Cecil only playing one character while the others interchanged. Another thing that helped the play was him cutting it but still keeping the scenes that were important to the plot. Since the play is long and can get wordy at times, this helped keep focus. The cutting also made the play the …show more content…

Since the play does take place in the Globe theatre, there needed to be a sense of roundness and being able to see from most of the sides. This help emmerse the actors and the audience into what was really going on. If this play was on a prosencium, like Morgan or Gallelle theatre it would take away an element. Also since Allen Bales is a thrust stage and smallest out of the three, the actors were closer to the house and made the audience feel as if they really there. Another reason why Allen Bales was a good theatre for this play was because of the movement the actors did outside the stage. The actors were coming through the audience and sitting right next to or in front of them at points. Even though this could be done in another theatre, it would not be the same. This is in part with the other two being higher up and not allowing scenes like the court room to happen as

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