Eradication Of Sexism At UNLV

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Proposal for the Eradication of Sexism at UNLV Even though over the past few years University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) has become a very diverse and understanding environment, there is still an issue on how women are treated on campus. We are all aware of the injustice that is going on around the world but many students are not aware that women at UNLV face some kind of sexism throughout their college experience. Have you ever wonder what it would be like if women were not allowed to go to college? Or wished that that pretty college girl would give it up instead of making you work for it? Or have you ever felt that a woman is beneath you? Well, these are the kind of problems we are facing all around the world but we have become oblivious …show more content…

Over the years, sexism has become an unnoticeable problem that had made students oblivious to it. This is because we either ignore the different sexism acts or brush them off like it never happened at all. There are some examples of the starting point of this problem of sexism on some of the issues on “The Yell” at from the 1970’s UNLV (Quinn). The issues printed on September 18, 1974, and October 2, 1974 they had sections called “Pros on E.R.A” (Equal Rights Amendment) and “Stop E.R.A” by Jerry Quinn (Quinn). In these sections of the newspaper, he explains the pros about the E.R.A and it also explained why people opposed it at UNLV (Quinn). It gives us a perfect view of how the students reacted when this amendment was first passed in our congress …show more content…

They accomplish this by getting congress to ratify the 19th amendment (America's). Which gave women the right to vote (America's). It was passed on June 4, 1991 and ratified August 18, 1920 (America's).The victory took decades of agitation and protest (America's). Women from this era organized rallies, petitioned to the government and picked in the streets to win the right to vote (America's). It took decades to accomplish their purpose, but congress finally agreed to pass an amendment to help women (America's). There was a lot of variation of the amendment when they first created but congress was able to achieve the desired strategy to pass and ratify the 19th amendment

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