Erick Erickson : Identity And Identity

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Erick Erickson, identity was the core issue, his own sense of self were complex. His attractive mother Karla Abrahamsen, she was Danish from a very comfortable, middle class Jewish family. On their honeymoon in Rome, she parted from her first husband. He traveled abroad and she never seen him again. Erickson was born a few years later in Germany in 1902, where she stayed with some aunts. Erickson never knew who his biological father was. His mother would never tell them (Erick Erickson, sharper of: identity p. 6). For the first three years of his life he never competes for his mother’s affections/love. After Karla first husband was declared dead, she remarried. Her second husband a Jewish pediatrician from Karlsruhe. His new stepfather wanted to be accepted as Erick’s real father, later his last name was changed from Salomonsen to his own Homburger. As he grew older, further issues arose. Because of his appearance, he was tall blonde and blue-eyed, he stood at the synagogue as different. From his local school, the converse applied, he was different because he was Jewish. He frequently visits his mother’s family in Denmark because he accepted his German nationality of his birth (Erick Erickson, sharper of: identity p. 7). Eventually, at the age of 25, Peter Blos invited him to run a small school, which aim to develop new and creative teaching methods. This was the mark of the most significant period of his life. There, he took to teaching but

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