Erik Larson 's ' The White City, And H.h. Holmes 's World 's Fair Hotel Essay

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Throughout history, many countries and cultures have experienced an identity crisis or a rebuilding period, where they aim to change their old ways in order to hopefully reach a higher place or a higher goal. During the turn of the century, a significant representation of a changing culture could be found in numerous cities around the country, especially in terms of the form and function of architecture. Perfect examples of a differing culture can be found in Erik Larson’s Devil in the White City. Through the description of building of Daniel Burnham’s White City, and H.H. Holmes’s World’s Fair Hotel, it can be inferred that both projects had different goals and very clearly represented the differences of a new period in American History. Holmes’s Hotel represented an older, darker, and more violent Chicago, while Burnham’s White City attempted to represent a new Chicago, one which could lift Chicago out of its dark past. The projects represented differing views during this new time period, and were also responsible for the way the public viewed Chicago and American Culture at the time. Architects and builders were attempting to outdo foreign countries, and show what America was truly made of. In order to do this, many changes had to be made, some drastic, that would ensure the world viewed America as successful. American cities were an important part of America’s changing image, and both projects discussed in Devil in the White City were incredibly different due to their
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