Erikson 's Psychosocial Stages Of Life Span Development Essay

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Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Life Span Development Case Study M is a 65-year-old female who grew up in the Waikato in a middle-classed family with eight other siblings, M was the third child and the first female born. Not know much about her early childhood, however, M remembers her mother was always in the kitchen cooking or baking, cleaning house, knitting and sewing. M’s mother often slept late most days, sometimes until noon and she was the stricter parent and a sharp temper. The children often did not know how their mother was going to react, sometimes she could be nice, but she had a sharp temper and often used to reprimand the children sharply, so they always watched their behaviour. M’s father was a fair parent who initially worked as a farm hand, meat worker, polish and grinder, and later in the piggeries. M’s father taught them a lot about life, he would often give the children cuddles, gave them their nightly baths and read stories. On her first day at school, her father who took her. M believes that things would have been a lot different, had she not had her father in her life, as he made a real difference to her growing up. M had a close relationship with her two older brothers, they were very close and they did everything together, had fun climbing trees, riding their bikes, usual kid stuff. If the boys got a toy truck, it was normal for M to get one too, what they had, she had. M oldest brother M2 was killed in a motorbike accident, which hit M
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