Midlife Crisis in the Article, Middle Adulthood Developmental Psychology

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Middle-aged adults experience change in many different areas of their life at this time, they will find that not only their health is changing, but their appearance, their family, their thinking, and their emotions are changes as well. When discussing people that fall into the middle adulthood age of life, the term “midlife crisis” is often used, but according to an article titled Middle Adulthood Developmental Psychology, “most people during middle adulthood are satisfied and pleased with their lives”, ("Physical Changes," 2008-2013, expression 1). This article also states that the age range for middle adulthood is approximately age thirty-five to sixty-four. Midlife crisis is a when an individual views themselves and are unhappy with …show more content…

At this stage in life one major physical change people begin to notice: wrinkles, grey hair, alopecia, hyperpigmentation, and fat accumulation in certain body parts. Some middle adults begin to attempt to cover these signs of aging by: using dye to cover grey hair, begin to use special creams for winkles, consider plastic surgery, adjusting hairstyles to mask the signs of alopecia, change nutrition, and start exercising. I currently work on an acute behavioral health unit, last week I admitted a patient that is currently in his midlife, but at the early part of the stage, he is forty-seven years old. I can vividly remember his physical appearance, a Caucasian man, with short brown hair with noticeable balding, receding hairline, and excess fat accumulation around his waistline. I was able to work with him for three days straight while on my twelve and a half hour shifts. This hospitalization was his first hospitalization in his lifetime and his reason for visit was, “unstable mood”, as the patient stated. Upon admission the baseline vital signs, laboratory blood tests were obtained, and a through physical and metal assessment was gathered. The patient appeared to be in crisis, with complaints of decreased appetite and sleep, which is why he stated his wife, insisted on a psychiatric assistance, which leads him to be “admitted to the crazy hospital”. At

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