Erikson's Theory Of Teenage Suicide

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Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2015). Approximately 5000 young people take their lives and 157,000 people are admitted to the hospital for self-injury each year (CDC, 2015). Major physical and psychological changes occur during teenage years (Butler, 2010). They tend to have intense emotions and unpredictable behavior at different times (Butler, 2010). Most importantly, adolescents are searching for identity according to Erik Erikson's theory of psychosocial development (Butler, 2010). Adolescent's identity development is associated with their response towards family, peers, and school, which shapes their own perceptions of belonging (Butler, 2010). …show more content…

M. Diamond, and G. S. Diamond (2012), Attachment-Based Family Therapy (ABFT) is associated with a reduction of depressive symptoms in adolescents. Eighteen suicidal adolescents and their mothers received 12 weeks of ABFT session (Shpigel, G. M. Diamond, & G. S. Diamond, 2012). Depressive symptoms, suicidal ideation, attachment-related anxiety and avoidance, were collected at 6, 12, and 36 weeks (Shpigel, G. M. Diamond, & G. S. Diamond, 2012). This is the first study showing parenting behavior changes over the course of ABFT (Shpigel, G. M. Diamond, & G. S. Diamond, 2012). During the sessions, the therapists taught the parents to validate their child's point of view and remain supportive, curious, and empathic at the same time (Shpigel, G. M. Diamond, & G. S. Diamond, 2012). This parenting behavior is called psychological autonomy granting, which builds trust and promotes the child's sense of self (Shpigel, G. M. Diamond, & G. S. Diamond, 2012). The therapists also facilitated the parents to refrain from negative behaviors such as constraining the child's verbal expressions and displaying criticism (Shpigel, G. M. Diamond, & G. S. Diamond, 2012). The study mentions that authoritative parenting style has been associated with optimal functioning in adolescents by providing warmth and support while challenging them to take responsibilities (Shpigel, G. M. Diamond, & G. S. Diamond, 2012). Finally, the study concluded that ABFT increases …show more content…

However, suicide can be prevented with early diagnosis, intervention, and treatment. Since suicide ideators and attempters often experience hopelessness, maintaining positive relationships among families, peers, and communities will enhance youth's health and well-being. Interventions such as school-based suicide prevention program and family-oriented therapy may help adolescents overcome their suicidal behavior and ideation. Nurses must know the signs and symptoms of depression in adolescents and serve as an advocate for

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