Erp System Of The Cloud

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RESEARCH REPORT ON ERP SYSTEM IN THE CLOUD INTRODUCTION: In recent years, there has been many changes occurred in the management of business environment. In the past years, there was a competition among the industries only for price and quality. But nowadays market demands customer satisfaction firstly along with price and quality of the product. To meet this demanding situation, various measures are taken by the companies. And enterprise resource planning (ERP) is one of the major measure consider by the companies these days. This ERP software is a comprehensive solution package to integrate the organizational processes like sales, finance and inventory management etc. Even though ERP able to manage business effectively but due to high fees of software installing and high fees of getting license, ERP creates some resistances for the traditional ERP software. Then with the changing Demands Cloud ERP has come to existence as Cloud ERP is cost effective as compare to the traditional ERP system. Now with the technological changes, level of interest for ERP cloud software is high demanding. And every client is at least considering a ERP cloud solution. As Cloud ERP software is the on technology that allows organizations, users or individual to access and use ERP software installed on the vendor site through internet. The main reason for using Cloud ERP is that it is the low cost software even the small or medium

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